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Knepp’s catering

Have Knepp’s Restaurant cater any size party to your location. ….call 812-486-3545 or email at

Knepp’s strawberry pies

Strawberry pies taste so good….. as low as $8.99… (812)4863545 and we will have one ready for you!! Yum!

The best biscuits

We make our biscuits and gravy from scratch! Served on the breakfast buffet every Friday and Saturday morning 7:00-10:30am.

Who do you eat with?

Who we eat with has a direct impact on how much we eat. For example, women tend to eat less when they dine with members of the opposite sex. And they eat even less when […]

Breakfast Buffet

Our tantalizing Breakfast Buffet is served every Friday and Saturday from 7am to 10:30am. We feature made-from-scratch biscuits and gravy. Join us.

Poll results

We ask what people like in a server. 50% are saying they like servers who talk to them a lot. 50% say they like servers who suggest new things to eat. No one voted for […]